What is a .MY Malaysia Domain Name ? and Important Fact .

What is a .MY Domain Name ? and Important Fact

.MY Domain Name (ccTLD) or Country code Top Level Domain Name, is own and operated by MYNIC , an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) and regulated by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

It can be registered at approximately 50% cheaper vs MYNIC List price at BigDomain
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.MY Extension available in a few type such as

Common One 
.MY , 

.COM.MY, .

Less Common One 

.MIL.MY etc

There are several Key Requirement of Register in (like most ccTLD) , there will be identify such as proof of foreigners staying / working in Malaysia , some Domain requires Local Company or Registered / Legal Organisation or Educational License (.EDU.MY)

Some of the Popular Frequently Asked Question why we love .MY More

  • Why .COM vs .COM.MY/.MY 
    Many of the .COM Short/Unique Domain name have been Taken while many of the name you might want for your brand are still available for .MY/.COM.MY . Shorter , memorable domain are better right ? 

    for .COM , simply anyone can register without any requirement. Most of the time it allow scammer to register the domain for scamming use with identity hiding within the whois protection. so they could be risk . However .COM still the No 1 Most popular domain name in the world.

    According to Verisign , there 133.9M .COM registered while .MY only approx 300K as per MYNIC

  • More Confident to .MY Website
    if you notice, you cant really do a WHOIS protection in .MY domain name
    .MY Domain gone through identify verification and make Scammer more Difficult to Register and use it for Scam purposes. So a .MY domain name will have its owner display in the .MY Whois
  • .MY are SEO friendly
    Yes , Google Love .MY when users are searching for Malaysia related keyword
    Try google in Malaysia on  "buy computer malaysia" you will see there's more .MY than .COM
  • .MY More Expensive than .COM , why ?
    Imagine that the operation team within MYNIC need to manage and operate .MY (with only 300K) domain vs .COM that already have 133.9M domain name.  if a .COM worth approximately RM40, guess how much Verisign would have make in .COM alone.

    But the cost for website not only consist of .MY Domain Name only. If a .MY RM120 vs the cost of your website, it is only just a fraction of the overall website, digital marketing cost. but it will help you secure the brand name. 
    You can also save More up to 50% when purchase with Bigdomain.my 
  • the Use case for .MY
    • Malaysian Business selling to Malaysian + Worldwide
    • International / Foreign Business intend to setup / market to Malaysia
    • Protect your Brand/Domain Name while your product is still being developed  (.sg / .id / .my ccTLD)
  • What are the limitation of .MY / Registering a .MY
    • Common issues during registration, it will take longer than .COM due to identity verification and manual approval process with documentation etc
    • Longer dns propagation when a new domain is registered or when you changing a new nameserver
    • More complex nameserver updating process . all domain nameserver cannot be updated via API(so your reseller's billing panels wont be able to link and update nameserver) for process of updating a.MY Nameserver - Read .MY Nameserver Updates
    • Transferring Ownership of a .MY to a New Person/Company required a domain to be deleted first and re-register. Balance of Validity of a Domain will not be transfer to a new owner ( this is different the common terms for a .COM domain transfer which transfer registrar for billing only)  - refer .my transfer process
mynic .my backend management panel
mynic .my backend management panel