Things You Should Not Share On Social Media

Your Current Location
Showing your location information can be risky because it tells everyone, include potential thieves that you are not at home. Many people don’t realize the geotagging in their tweet and status update will reveal their current location and become the criminal target.

Birth Date
Many users like to share their birth date on social media and enjoy receiving birthday wishes from their friends. Posted your full birth date may allow identity thieves and scammers to steal your identity and access you account.

Your Children’s Personal Information (Real Name, Facebook Account, Birthday etc)
If your kid has Facebook account, try not to tag them in your photo and status. You are not recommend to rely on the ‘Friends Only’ setting. Avoid posting their real name, birthday, and any description about them. Same goes for tagging your friends’ kids, because the information you post on social media could be used by criminal.

Vacation Plans And Date
Don’t share your vacation plan and date on social media. All the details you share include live video and geotagged vacation photos will reveals that your home is empty. You can disable location tracking to prevent accidentally sharing information you don’t want to.

Work Related Details
Share your work related details on social media is a very bad idea, especially some sensitive and private data. You will never know your competitor is stalking at you. Even a status about your working mood, your current project etc, also not recommended to share on social media.