Reason Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

1. Rise In Mobile Usage And Mobile Shopping
Nowadays, the smartphone users are increasing day by day, means the mobile website traffic is also increasing.  According to the stats from HubSpot, 20% of Google searches are conducted on a smartphone and around 60% of the traffic comes from mobile device. The data also shows that the number of online shoppers has increase every year, especially during the holiday season. Online shoppers are also more likely to buy a product or service if they have a good and positive experience with your website on a mobile device. Hence, we can see that there are many retails shop has switched their direction and pay more attention on the online sales. So, it is important for you to having a mobile friendly website.

2. Drive More Traffic And Reach More Customers
A mobile friendly website is able to drive more traffic and customers for you. This is because mobile friendly websites are better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Google has also announced that it prefers mobile responsive website design to mobile website and they are actually starting to penalize some websites that are not mobile friendly. Besides, Google also creating a positive experience for users, so it put attention about mobile-responsive websites too. There’s no meaning if you have a nice website but don’t have visitors. So in order to make your website perform better, a mobile friendly website is allow customers to search and hunt for your site easily and quickly without typing the exactly URL of your website.

3. Increase Reputation And Branding
If you have a mobile responsive/friendly website, you also have the higher chances to increase good comment and spread good reviews by customers. This is able to help you create new leads and get new customers directly. Imagine customers have a bad experience with your website, even your product and service, they will also close it and search for other options. So a mobile friendly website will definitely benefits your business reputation and branding.