【Knowledge Sharing】Things You Need To Start A Website

1. Domain Name
The first thing you need to register before anything else is to buy a simple and easier domain name for your website and your visitors. This allows visitors to find you through keywords search and names match. You have to brainstorm and think about it, because the domain you want might not available.   However, domain name is just a name, it does not get you a complete website. You also have to pay for the annual fee after your register one. Some of the company does provide offer up to 10 years, with cheaper pricing so you don’t have to renew it annually. Do some internet searches or recommendations before you purchase. (The popular domain include .my/.com/.com.my/.asia)

2. Website Hosting
After choosing the domain, you will need a home to park your website and data. There are many hosting plan which has include domain name, email account and others as part of the package. If you have some budget to create the website, a basic hosting which is affordable and suitable is enough for you to run your business. Besides, you should also check about whether they provide SSL for your website. SSL will have a web address starting with ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://’. This is important for the e-commerce business especially who are selling goods and services that need to collect private information and credit card numbers, so the SSL certificates is a must.

3. Website Builder and Design
After settled the domain and web hosting, you can choose a website builder or do-it-yourself to set up your website according to your preferences and specification. You can decide whether you want to outsource the development and design to a professional expert or make it yourself (DIY) with your mind. You can follow the instruction and online tutorial to create it, not all of the web design/builder require coding and design skills. Moreover, you also need to make sure the website is mobile friendly, able to editing instantly and provides support to maintain your site. Website is representing your business image, so if you want to impress your customers or users through the website, make sure you use the right template and an intuitive design interface.

4. HQ Images and Content
Once you setting up your website, the quality content and high quality images are the important key to make your website look more professional and beautiful. The perception and impression of your customers might impact by fuzzy images and low quality images/graphics. You can search some professional images through online sources or capture quality photos of your products. Not only that, you can hiring a experience copywriter to craft and develop your business position (also the unique selling proposition). You have to figure out target market for your business and the suitable language for the website as well.

5. SEO and Google Analytics
After your website launches, you may realize it is hard to get people to check it out. This is normal for all the new website. Online marketing and Google analytics are recommending for you to make it work. No one will purchase or visit your website if you do not have any reviews and useful content. Hence, you can consider online marketing and brand management to raise awareness and drive traffic. For example, get Google analytics and SEO to grow the number of visitors. This will help you understand your visitor better and make improvement.