【Knowledge Sharing】How to Fix a 408 Request Timeout Error?

Have you ever experience the 408 Request Timeout error on a website? This normally happen when the request you sent to the website server took longer than the website’s server was prepared to wait. The timed out error are usually customized by each website, especially for the large and high traffic website.When the timed out happen, the web page will show (example : HTTP Error 408 – Request Timeout / 408: Request Timeout ). So, how to fix this?

1. You can refresh the web page or URL from the address bar. The slow connection might cause long delay and timed out error, but it is only temporary. So refresh or reload the page is probably works. If the 408 Request Timeout appears during the checkout process at online merchant, you have to be aware that it may duplicate attempts and causing multiple charges.

2. You can run an internet speed test to benchmark your current bandwidth. If all of the website you access are running slow, it might be your internet connection problems. Find out the problems and try again, contact your internet service provider for technical support if needed.

3. For some of the popular and high traffic website, for example Hermo, Airasia etc, the increase of visitors will also cause 408 Request Timeout error, this is very common. So you have to wait some visitors leave the website, so you have chances to enter the web page successfully.