【Facebook Messenger】Things You Could Do On Facebook Messenger

1. Request And Send Money
You can request or send money to other users through Facebook Messenger. Facebook is allowing you to link your credit card and PayPal to the app and send/request money to/from your friends, just few simple steps. How to connect? Go to Settings > Payments > Add credit or debit card / Connect PayPal. After that, enter chat with the friend and click the plus sign, select Payments and key in the necessary amount you would like to send or request. Still thinking how to start a conversation about the money or discussion of money owed? Now you don't have to feel shy to get your money back from your friends. *hehe :D

2. Secret Conversation
If you have some secret or sensitive information that you would like to share with your friend, you can choose the secret conversation. The messages are end-to-end encryption and you can also make your secret conversation delete itself after a certain period of time (click clock icon in the text box). To start the secret conversation, select a friend > tap the 'i' logo in the top right corner > select Go To Secret Conversation.

3. Unsend messages
Facebook Messenger has rolled out unsend messages feature that allows people to remove and unsend their sent messages from recipient's box. Messages can only be remove/unsent for the first 10 minutes after the message delivered. In group chat, this feature can also remove the message from the inbox of all the recipients and shows an alert saying that you have removed a message in the chat box as well. What you need to do to unsend your message is just long press > choose delete for everyone/delete for you.

4. Add Friend With Profile Code 
Have you meet someone you like and wanna start a conversation through Facebook Messenger instantly? Feel difficult to find a person through Facebook search bar? Especially it shows up many common name or complicated name. Now you can scan their unique profile code and start a new chat with them. To access this feature, open Messenger > tap your profile's icon at the top left corner > tap Scan Code (above your own messenger code) > point your phone's camera and scan messenger code.

5. Make a Spotify Playlist, Share Restaurants, News And More!
Messenger has integrated with third-party apps and allow you to share many interesting things with your friend. If you guys are discussing about the trip or travel plans, you can search for hotel or flight just in one click. If you are looking for some good foods or wanna try something new, you can also share recipe and search some restaurant. Not only this, you can share your Spotify playlist together with your friend and share some articles from the Wall Street Journal too. What you need to do is just open a conversation and click the plus sign in the corner! ;)