【E-Commerce】5 E-Commerce Mistakes That Can BURN Your Business


A lot of researches have concluded that e-commerce is an industry that is worth more than several billion dollars. Now, if you feel like this is the right time to jump in the e-commerce and milk the cow, you are not wrong. However, milking the cow can be difficult if you do not know what goes where and how to avoid mistakes that can ruin your business. Let us make your life easier. Here are 5 things that you do not want to happen with your e-commerce venture.

Not everything sells
What looks like a great idea to you might not be what people need in their life! A lot of people jump in e-commerce thinking that flipping some stuff or drop shipping is going to make them rich overnight. Fact: that never happens!

Get Some Reviews
Don’t be the shady seller that everyone fears. Get some reviews, be creative, be original, do some marketing and win the trust of the people. In e-commerce, credibility is the key to good money.

Complex Ordering System
Most of the adults give up on online buying because they find the process complex and hard. Simplify the order placement, employ multiple payment processors and offer simpler offers.

Shipping Partners
Many people who are new to ecommerce think that drop shipping or 3rd party fulfilment centres are the best way to take care to order fulfilment. The truth is, nobody else is interested in your business and everybody is busy making money for themselves. Thus, remove the dependability on ‘others’ as much as you can.

No or Little Branding
Getting recognition is one of the several aims of a growing business. If you are not spending time and money on branding, you are probably losing out. Never ship your orders with your brand identity affixed to it. Get rid of every other graphic. Stick to a few and powerful colors.