【Important Read 】 CIMB Clicks Hacked ? Please read this

Lowyat.net reports

"Something strange is happening with CIMB Clicks, and judging by their rather abrupt implementation of a reCaptcha code on their login page today, there are reasons to be concerned."

Pokde.net Reports
"To be precise, it appears that some CIMB Clicks users have managed to log in to their account despite using the wrong password. This is of course a very serious matter, especially for online banking, as it would seem like virtually anyone is able to access your accounts."


IT is also reported by Soyacincau
"UPDATE: We stumbled upon a tweet by ZDnet security reporter, Catalin Cimpanu, which alleged that a hacker might have obtained a large stash of card numbers. We can’t verify if this is related to the current CIMB Clicks issue.  "


Latest Updates @ about 17-Dec-2018 11.00am  , CIMB denied that its online banking was hacked  according to the star  


As news broken overnight from multiple news agency , it is advisable users immediately change the password after a series of report on serious security flaws

Detail posted at soyacincau.com 

latest update at of 5.03pm 17-Dec-2018
are not happy with the respond / latest updates by CIMB Malaysia FB Page

or is it simply a wrong policy with the new password "enhancement" ? 
according updates from nasilemaktech.com

We are adding a Guide from CIMB to help you understand..