【Knowledge Check】Blogger Vs Influencer Same ??

【Knowledge Check】 Do You Know Blogger Vs Influencer ?

Who say a blogger and an influencer are same? To us, a blogger and an influencer are not  the same at all. This topic is based on our understanding and there are no offense about it. 

There is a blogger we have interviewed before who wanted to be called as Miss J and we asked her "how does she create her blog?" and this is her reply : 
She started create a blog for herself because she loves to write, that's her main reason for creating the blog. She started with a topic which is FOOD as she loves to explore cafes and restaurants in Malaysia. At the first place, she was paying her own F&B at cafes and restaurants in Penang as she is from Penang (let you guess!) After 6 months, she started to get sponsorship and a lot of brands knows her until now.  She was very proud of herself that she had achieved several something she didn't expected at all. She added that - for those who wanna become a blogger, remember to have passion and never give up when things happen. 

Firstly, we need to know what is our passion on which topic such as beauty, foods, fashion, lifestyle, travel, tech, automotive and others. Then, we create a blog for our passion and we need to create the content by taking pictures, editing pictures and writing. In the first place, it would be tough job because we cannot expect sponsorship. It depends on our hard work on how to build our own blog. Also, being a blogger is not easy as we need to have a strong passion. 

We must know how to manage our time as we need to take nice/beautiful/perfect pictures, edit the pictures, edit our watermark into the pictures, take great video and edit the video, upload into our blog and rearrange them to make our blog post perfect. If our blog was known by brands, we gotta design and print name card for ourselves to make our blog grow better and greater. Besides blog, we need to create an Instagram account for ourselves too. So that, we can post the pictures into it, in order that the brands and readers can look at our beautiful pictures and give us a 'LIKE' or 'COMMENT' on our picture below. After that, it depends on us whether we want to create a Facebook page for our blog. What other social media we should have? 

Firstly, stand in front of the mirror and see whether are you pretty, tall, slim ? If we have one of these or all, we can become an influencer easily. Most of the influencers that we know are pretty, beautiful, tall, slim and rich as well. They have a huge following on Instagram only. Most of them do not have a blog. Everyday, they just update their Instagram with pretty pictures. Sometimes we have the feeling of jealousy because of their followers and a lot of well-known brands sponsor the products to them. As a blogger, we need to create content, take pictures/videos, edit pictures/videos, upload into blog and Instagram which it takes our time, effort and hard work. Sometimes, we will feel it is not fair towards us and those bloggers out there. What to do? We don't have a choice. We know that we don't have a choice, that's why we stay strong on our passion which we believe that one day, our hard work will pay off! We need to be thankful to those brands that trusted us and supported us from the first day until the end. 

It is your choice that you choose to be! 
No one will stop you to achieve from nothing to something!

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