5 things to prepare before creating your website

The 5 thing you need to know before creating your website

We wanted to share some of our experience about a creating a successful website that actually sell for you . A website should not be just looking fancy while sitting there without reason as there is some client we speak to just wanted a website because of their competitor have a website.

Your website should be able to promote your business for you, keep in touch and engaging with your existing customer while helping you acquiring new customer. A properly planned website can engage with your competitor customer and turn them over to you.

Establish a Objective

This is one important steps you need to always keep in mind before start doing anything. Of course it is common for every business or hobby to have a website but it can be more effective by first creating some goal. 

Example of Goals

  • I want my website to improve my branding. 
  • I want to get more customer online
  • I want display my product catalog and sell online
  • I want to link my website to marketplace, sell online and manage my inventory
  • I want to communicate with my customer
  • I want to list in google so people can find me instead of my competitor

What do you need before creating a website

There are a key piece of information you need to prepare before creating a website. 
  • Company Logo
    If you do not have one logo yet, you can always start first
  • Simple yet attractive Company Brief / Profile
    (do not try to attach a full 3000 words company profile into your website. Too much wording will make your audience bored and leaving your page.
    Trust me, you do not want bounce rate as it will not only failed to engage new customer, it will also affect your SEO Search Engine Ranking

    If you need to upload 100% of the information online, make sure you

    • keep the front page summary  brief
    • split the long company into to multiple pages
    • try to replace word with icon and photos
    • Try to convert some of your Company Intro or Product into into videos or graphics.

      samples display company profile
      Samples layout of a company brief

  • Product Information/ Services
  • Contact Us
    • There should be Map, Address, Email (contact form), Contact number, and most importantly   , Your Facebook , Twitter ,Instagram ,  Youtube Channel etc.
      This is to create trust rating especially if you want to rank your website easier part of the SEO.

Important to link social media to website
Important to link social media to website

Who are your target audience (Customer) .

Website, is basically a form of marketing and every marketing strategy should This is simple. You need to establish and understand who your website is targeted for so you can continue to map your content toward your target audience. This is also similar to your target audience of your product.

  • Employee will use your website for product information as part of your product portal
  • Capture new customer
  • Engaging with Existing Company
  • Age group of your users
  • Where is Your Audience coming from

What tools or help you need to help you build a site

There are many tools available in the market you can simply start at no cost. These are Pretty Much DIY(do it yourself) tools and most of it are FREE. However if you are doing a website for your business, it is good to invest a small amount of money to make your website look a little more professional and great for branding. especially investing a Domain Name which start from RM10-RM30 only first year if you are really serious on getting your business running online.

You need to let your future client feel that you are serious in your business before turning them into your client.

Alot of website are being created by Wordpress and you can get started at wordpress.com or install a wordpress in a locally purchase shared hosting server to host your website and email.

You can also try Wix Website Builder or Weebly which also have FREE options. If you purchase a Domain with BigDomain Malaysia , you can request a Free Hosting account that come with a Free Website Builder . Big Domain Website Builder come with a Backend tools which is drag and drop, auto responsive and close to 200+ free design to choose from  . Explore the 200 Design now and Drag n Drop Tools 

BigDomain Free Website Builder
BigDomain Free Website Builder 

Another Option, are Call DIFM (Do it for me) where you can hire a web designer, a freelancer to do it for you, if you find it to complicated or simply no time. The Charging Rate are from RM1,000 - RM2000 for a freelancer while some digital agency may charge from RM3,000 - RM10,000 depending the complexity of your website and required time to spent on your website.

Do not be too focus on getting your initial website perfect, and most of the time it is very difficult to be perfect. We also must be reminded that, a complex website also means difficult to updated. and during the first 2-3 months there are always information required to be updated to the website so launch it first the moment it is ready. and gain some SEO values while keeping it up to date. This bring us to the next sub topic

How and Who to update your website In the future 

Getting your Business online , means you must always ensure that website content is up to date.
It is always a good practice to update your website at least one a month, refresh some graphics or add in some seasonal greeting so your audience can get engage by your messaging.

With the current DIY tool in the market, you do not need coding skill to update a website, however you still need some design sense with plenty of time updating your website and doing some formatting.

If you hiring a design agency to build a website for you, then you need to get a budget ready to re-hire them to update a website for you, either through monthly fees or one time updating fees. Most modern CMS(content management system) such as wordpress/joomla, allow you to make the website changes yourself upon website design completion by our website developer however, most of the time the "CSS"or Design Code might failed, causing the layout to be distorted. after you update the website, you might want to practice together with your website developer.

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